Emails harvested from the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound can be used in the trial of WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning, a military judge ruled Wednesday.

     A Chicago cop demanded, and got, sexual services in jail from a gay man arrested on prostitution charges, the man claims in court. 

     The FBI refuses to provide information on a massive biometric identification database that can identify noncriminal civilians through iris scans, DNA, and facial and voice recognition, a watchdog claims in court. 

     Destroying nearly 3,000 books from "The People's Library" in a raid on Occupy Wall Street will cost New York City $47,000 plus attorney's fees. 

     Perry Sawano ran a $2.7 million Ponzi scheme on clients of his Providence Financial Services dba Integrity Financial Consulting, the Colorado Securities Commissioner claims in Denver County Court. 

     The general manager-stepson of the owner of Missoula Mac, which runs 25 McDonald's outlets, licked the breasts of a worker and demanded, and got, oral sex from her, she claims in Federal Court.  

     A patient claims she got an unspecified debilitating disease from unsanitary conditions at the office of Scott Harrington, D.D.S., in Tulsa County Court; state officials fear thousands are at risk. 

     The Algae International Group claims the National Algae Association defamed it to try to coerce it into joining the association, in Dallas County Court. 

     Avon stiffs district sales managers for overtime, a class action claims in Santa Cruz County Court. 

     Six Flags Entertainment stiffed ride operators and mechanics for overtime, a class action claims in Superior Court.

     Auto dealers claim Yamashita Rubber Co., Yusa Corp., Tokai Rubber Industries, DTR Industries, et al. conspired to control the market in rubber, anti-vibration parts, in a federal antitrust class action.  

     The 2nd Circuit fast-tracked arguments for May in Chevron's battle against a $19 billion judgment it faces for oil contamination in Ecuador. 

     With the trial of Bradley Manning poised to reveal that Osama bin Laden sent emails about Wikileaks, Courthouse News took a fresh look at how other public documents from the Abbottabad raid show al-Qaida's close watch on major news networks.

     Alabama Republicans skirted state laws to help Native American political contributors eliminate "non-Indian gaming" and diverted $7.9 million from the BP oil spill fund to pay for gambling litigation, a mayor and voters claim in court. 

     The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners unconstitutionally suspended a 69-year-old veterinarian for giving free advice on the Internet, the longtime vet claims in Federal Court. 

     An Arkansas sheriff received kickbacks from a company hired to convert cash seized from county jail inmates to prepaid debit cards "with numerous exorbitant fees," a federal class action claims. 

     A law meant to keep elected officials from inside trading exposes civilian government employees to terrorists, criminals and ID theft by posting their financial information on the Internet, the workers claim in court. 

     A greedy doctor diagnosed a patient with 18 diseases and disorders and ordered thousands of dollars in tests before she ever saw or spoke to him, the patient claims in court. 

     Sanford-Brown fired a campus president for his truthful reports that some of its campuses "could not have achieved the revenues they did" without breaking the law, the man claims in court. 

     The Asian Law Caucus demands government information about pending legislation meant to limit California law enforcement officers from enforcing immigration laws, including the so-called "Secure Communities" program. 

     A class action claims the St. Louis-based grocery chain Schnuck Markets waited for 15 days to warn customers that their financial information had been jeopardized by hackers. 

     A 20-year-old charged with helping to murder a suburban man for gas money and a pair of diamond earrings claims suburban police officers coerced his confession. 

     Ecolab said it will sell some assets to overcome Uncle Sam's antitrust complaint blocking its $2.2 billion offer for its chief competitor, Permian Mud Service; the two companies dominate chemical treatments for deepwater oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. 

     PHL Variable Insurance refused to pay a valid $4 million life insurance claim, a family trust claims in Federal Court. 

     Bank of America and its LandSafe subsidiary stiff appraisers for overtime, a class action claims in Federal Court. 

     Indymac Mortgage Services applied a loan payoff to the wrong house - to one that was financially under water - and refuses to correct the mistake, a couple claims in Santa Cruz County Court.  

     Avi Ofra claims Delta Entertainment, Sandra Carter International, Blockbuster, Netflix et al. violate copyright on his movie, "The Holy Land Revealed," in Federal Court. 

     The 9th Circuit seemed unlikely to revive an injunction that limits contact between suspected members of a gang in Orange County, Calif.

     The 9th Circuit on Wednesday reinstated state-law antitrust claims against natural gas traders accused of selling gas at artificially high prices, triggering the California energy crisis of 2000 to 2002. 

     Siding with a man who says his trespassing arrest got him strip-searched, the 9th Circuit explained Wednesday when police can take suspects downtown. 

     Volkswagen must pay $6 million in attorneys' fees after settling claims over allegedly defective window regulators, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled. 

     Two young lawyers who say their leftist leanings cost them entry to Justice Department programs can pursue privacy claims, the D.C. Circuit ruled. 

     The European Commission blocked a plan in Germany to charge network providers call-delivery fees 300 percent higher than the EU average.

     Advance layoff notice given to two Western Union workers did not preclude them from receiving unemployment benefits, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled. 

     The Department of Defense issued a rule meant to create "a culture free of sexual assault" in the military. 

     The Department of Health and Human Services proposed new rules on the Affordable Care Act's "navigator" program, which aims to help eligible individuals buy health insurance.  

     New federal rules give employees authority to stop work on offshore drilling rigs when they witness unsafe conditions.  

     Sterling Bancorp is selling itself too cheaply through an unfair process to Provident New York Bancorp, in a 1:1.2625 stock swap valued at $344 million, shareholders claim in New York County Supreme Court. 

     A gun group claims Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government illegally barred concealed handguns at the county airport, in Fayette County Court 

     Teenagers who were barred from distributing rubber fetuses at their high schools to protest abortion do not have a discrimination case, the 10th Circuit ruled. 

     A federal judge refused to let Ghirardelli off the hook from a federal class action alleging that its white chocolate chips do not actually contain any white chocolate. 

      Fin poaching prompts a protection proposal for scalloped hammerhead sharks. 

      Herbalife operated and promoted an inherently fraudulent pyramid scheme, a class of its distributors from the last four years claims. 

     Brandon Wade Licensing does not have federal jurisdiction in Illinois to sue the sports gossip website and its Hollywood-based namesake over a photo of Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, a federal judge ruled. 

     A Kroger store manager "brutally assaulted" and slammed a 73-year-old good Samaritan's head on the parking lot for giving food to a poor person, claiming he was selling food in competition with Kroger, the man claims in Fulton County State Court.  

     Robert Fazekas, a Hungarian discus thrower, claims he was barred from the 2012 Olympics because he took MVP Biotech's "Pro Whey," which contains the banned steroid Stanozolol, in Niagara County Court. 

     Las Vegas Metro police Officer M. Nolan cuffed, assaulted and knocked down a 90-year-old WWII veteran on his own doorstep because of alleged "concern about 311 and 411 calls," the old man claims in Federal Court.  

     A flight attendant claims retired NBA star Dikembe Mutombo's plan to buy gold illegally in the Congo put her in jail for six weeks in Goma, accused of smuggling, in Federal Court.  

     Fabio Massimo Gammacurta claims Kanye West et al. violated copyright by using his "Lolli-Pop" photo on a blog and digital download websites, in Federal Court.